Welcome to the Hamilton & Hodson upholstery blog

A brand new blog focusing on all things to do with upholstery

We are Hamilton & Hodson, an independent upholstery company in Bristol, UK. Founded in 1994 by Nicky Hamilton and Renee Hodson (who met on a City & Guilds course in furniture restoration and upholstery), it is run by Nicky and Erica Fredricksson. Erica joined Nicky in 2015 as her apprentice after enrolling in one of Nicky’s evening classes where she caught the upholstery bug. After two years of training, Erica and Nicky became business partners and the company has gone from strength to strength. Along with a small but dedicated team (a part-time upholsterer, an upholstery apprentice and an administrator), the company now offers: upholstery commissions (restoring clients’ furniture); upholstery leisure classes (at the workshop and soon, online) and an online shop selling fully restored unique vintage and antique furniture, fabrics, upholstery supplies/tools and gift vouchers.

In the workshop, amongst the staff, clients and students, we are always talking about upholstery!

We will happily discuss (sometimes for hours!) topics such as fabulous new fabrics, upholsterers we admire on Instagram, why one upholstery technique is better than another, etc. We are self-confessed upholstery geeks! We are about to launch our brand-new website (expertly designed by Karen from Sensible Marketing) and thought a blog would be the ideal opportunity to share our thoughts and opinions on all things to do with upholstery. We think it’s an interesting subject area; we hope you do too!

Our future blog posts will focus on a few different areas:

  • “Spotlight” – looking in detail at the restoration process of a particularly interesting piece of furniture we are restoring.
  • “Design focus” – addressing questions such as “Is chintz really back and do we like it?” and the growth of sustainable upholstery.
  • “Industry focus” Q & A’s – with other upholsterers, designers and interior design influencers.

We hope our blogs will become a source of information and inspiration to all our readers in the future.

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