Julie (Jules) Tuttiett, Upholstery Apprentice

Jules joined us in September 2021 as a very eager apprentice upholsterer.  She comes from an equine and retail management background.  Unlike our other apprentices, Jules had no formal upholstery experience but was a keen (some might say obsessive!) up-cycler.  Often seen wearing leopard print, holding a sander in one hand and a paint brush in the other, Jules is constantly rescuing furniture which would otherwise have been destined for the tip.  She loves to personify the pieces she works on at Hamilton & Hodson, giving them names such as the “Punk Rocker” chair (a quirky Arts & Crafts chair upholstered in zebra print and tangerine orange braid) and “Margot” (a bedroom chair upholstered in a bright botanical print with russet red piping).  Jules not only brings a lovely energy to the workshop, she also brings biscuits every week!

Jules says:

“Furniture should be loved and integral to a family home. For me, there is no greater satisfaction than seeing a piece restored to its former glory and if I am very lucky, I get to influence an outrageous transformation ( with my go-to choice of fabric – leopard print!).”