Lauren Alexander, Upholsterer

Lauren (like many other professional upholsterers!) also discovered a love of upholstery when she signed up for a term of Nicky’s evening classes at Stoke Lodge; after first trying out baking, dressmaking and home furnishings! One term soon became four, and she then went off to study for an upholstery diploma with the Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers (AMUSF). During her final year she contacted Nicky and became an apprentice with Hamilton and Hodson. The combination of the course and real-world experience gave her the skills and confidence needed to leave her desk job and start a new career as a freelance upholsterer. She now usually works a couple of days a week for Hamilton and Hodson in their workshop.

Lauren says:

“I have always loved learning how to master different crafts, but nothing continued to keep my interest for very long. With upholstery it’s different, as there’s so much variety with what you can be working on from week to week, and there’s always a new challenge. It has the right mix of logic, practical skills and creativity for me. I love working on traditional pieces”