Erica originally worked as an education manager in youth arts in London. In her spare time, she was a serial hobbyist, trying out many different arts and craft courses. After re-locating to Bristol in 2007 and having her second baby, she wanted to do an evening class and stumbled across Nicky’s upholstery course at Stoke Lodge. She became hooked, realising this was something she really loved that met her creative appetite. She persuaded Nicky to take her on as an apprentice and after two years, they officially went into business together.

Erica says:

“Like many other professional upholsterers, I started out at an evening class and now find myself in the lucky position of being a professional upholsterer! Working alongside Nicky, I have learnt so much. She has an immense amount of knowledge and I am constantly amazed with her skills in restoring pieces that, to the untrained eye, only look fit for the skip or for firewood. Working at Hamilton & Hodson, I have also fallen in love with fabric! I am always researching new fabrics and get very excited when I find something irresistible! I’m also a bit of a magpie when it comes to spotting dilapidated furniture that can be transformed into striking, desirable pieces.”