Angie Hooton, Administrator

Angie’s previous career was nursing in the NHS.  Much as she loved her job and patients, she wasn’t fulfilling her creative needs.  She now has two jobs: part-time adminstrator for Hamilton & Hodson and running her own curtain-making and soft furishings company, Pindrop Bespoke Soft Furnishings, from her garden studio.  Angie joined us in September, 2022, and during her short time with us, she has completely overhauled all our adminstrative sytems and our fabric displays.  She is also great with our clients, students and much loved by her colleagues.  She is an integral part of our team and we don’t know what we would do without her!

Angie says:

Angie is still drafting her biog.  She wants to get it exactly right!  Watch this space…